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Birth Websites

Other Popular Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting Web Sites:

All of the following are available at Lamaze International's Web site (

  • Care Practice Papers and Tip Sheets – designed to help women understand and access the care practices that support normal birth.
  • The Normal Birth Forum, featuring Henci Goer – where expectant parents and birth professionals can get evidence-based answers to their questions about pregnancy and birth.
  • The Giving Birth With Confidence Blog – where the authors of The Official Lamaze Guide muse about normal birth, confidence, and trends in maternity care.
  • Birth Network Directory – designed to connect expectant and new parents with like-minded individuals and help them locate mother-friendly maternity-care services in their own communities.
  • Confident Pregnancy – Week by Week (in development) – a customized, weekly e-mail service that will provide women with confidence-building and evidence-based information throughout their pregnancies.
  • Interactive, Evidence-Based Birth Planning Tool (in development) – designed to help women choose care practices based on the best available evidence.

These links are for exploring different views on birthing and do not necessarily reflect the views of the authors of this web site.  Please refer to your midwife or health care provider for their views.

Here is a spinning babies web site that may help you get and keep the baby in an optimal position for birth :

Breastfeeding Links: These are excellent sites for evidence based information                   

- Coalition for Improving Maternity Services ( Provides information and tools related to mother-friendly maternity care.
- DONA International ( Answers common questions about the role of doulas in labor, birth, and the postpartum period and provides an interactive doula-locator tool.
- La Leche League International ( Offers a large repository of breastfeeding information and advice, as well as a meeting locator.
- Mothering Magazine Online ( Provides the largest online community dedicated to natural pregnancy and parenting, including a forum for childbirth educators and other birth professionals.
- ( A consumer-oriented site from the American College of Nurse-Midwives; provides articles and downloadable handouts on a variety of pregnancy and birth topic.