Hospital Grade Rental Pumps. These pumps will work in any breast
feeding situation. Ideal for establishing and building your milk supply, long
term separation from the baby. If you have a need for long or short term
pumping needs, these pumps can be rented
month to month.
Symphony hospital grade pump
See price list for rental rates.

The Symphony is the first Hospital grade breast pump with
Natural Expression™, Medela’s breakthrough two-phase
pumping program that offers an initial, rapid rhythm to promote
“Let-Down” and then a slower, deeper rhythm for efficient milk
expression - can also be purchased, call me to discuss price.
Lactina hospital grade pump
see  my price list for rental charges

Lactina Breast pumps are ideal for long-term and frequent
pumping, making them a favorite of working mothers. Versatile
and compact, the Lactina is lightweight and highly portable.
The Lactina's physiological Autocycle™ pumping action is almost identical to baby's natural
sucking action. And like all Medela pumps, the Lactina's built-in vacuum release protects you
against excessive or prolonged suction.

The Lactina is designed to provide breastfeeding mothers with the ultimate in safety,
efficiency, cleanliness and ease of use. It can be used with ordinary household or workplace
electricity, and when electricity is not available, the Lactina Kit converts quickly to manual

All Lactina Breast pumps can be used for single or double pumping with Medela's Advanced
Collection™ accessory kits. Simultaneously double pumping both breasts cuts pumping time
in half, and can help increase your milk-producing hormone
Babies Are Blessings
Hospital Pumps