Long Term Lactina Renewal         $40.50 +tax
Note, online prices will add and include a 6.25% TX sales tax on checkout
Please note, we don't ship unless prior arrangements are made.

Symphony Natural Expression pump rentals:
Single Month Symphony Rental  $62.00

Rent for 2 months  (
$20 savings)   $113.80

Personal Pump Kit                        $46.50

Refundable Deposit                     $20.00

Lactina Model rentals:
Single Month Lactina  Rental      $50.25

Rent for 2 months
($20 savings)     $80.50

Personal Pump Kit                        $46.50

Refundable Pump Deposit           $20.00

Scale Rentals:
Baby Checker Scale 1 mnth rental   $25.75

Lactation Consultation fees:
Initial Lactation Consultation in Office                   $62.00

Initial Lactation Consultation in Clients Home       $87.75
Please note, there is no tax on consultations, so the correct price will show on checkout

Breast Care Products:
Seamless Softcup Nursing Bras        $36.00

Seamless Underwire Nursing Bra      $41.50

Comfort fit Nursing Bra                      $31.00

Hobbit  breast shells                         $15.00

Contact Nipple Shield  (20 or 24mm)   $9.00

Misc Kits and Connectors                  $11.00

Breast Pumps in Stock:

Pump in Style Advanced


Swing Single Breast pump          $133.00

Harmony- Manual hand pump      $31.00..

Pump Shipping and Handling fee $15.00

Long Term Symphony  Renewal   $57.00 + tax
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