Pump in Style Advanced
Highest Performing Retail Pump Available With breakthrough Natural Expression™ pumping Now further enhanced with the latest model

The only electric retail pump with breakthrough Natural
Expression pumping for maximum milk flow. First researched and developed for hospital breast pumps, Natural Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby’s nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes.

Let-down mode: Simulates your baby’s initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow.
Expression mode: Simulates your baby’s slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time.

• Feels more like your baby than any other retail pump

• One-touch ‘let-down’ button designed for faster milk flow and produces more milk in less time.

• Customized pumping with adjustable speed and vacuum control

• The latest model has stylish bag contains everything you need to pump, the new model has a larger opening for easy access to the contents.

• Battery Pack for pumping anywhere, anytime

Choose shoulder bag -  top picture or a backpack
Pump In Style Advanced...It's all in the bag!

Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump with 2 Phase
Expression pumping in a stylish black and yellow microfiber bag. Removable cooler carrier with Cooling element Ice Pack, keeps milk cool for 12 hours

Babies Are Blessings
Pump-In-Style Advanced